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Bobman FL

for bigger herds in smaller farms

Customer Testimonial

I bought the Bobman FL with the disinfectant box with the main purpose of saving me time each day by having a machine to do four jobs in one. We have around 180 cubicles and I have found that the time spent bedding has now been reduced from one hour each day to fourteen minutes! This includes brushing, scraping, applying sawdust and lime which I do all on the one pass. This also includes time spent scraping some areas which prior to the Bobman’s arrival, were done occasionally with the tractor and scraper leaving the cubicles a lot cleaner. I have noticed a saving in the quantity of sawdust used too and it is applied evenly to all cubicles. Having looked at other machines on the market, I decided on the Bobman due to its maneuverability in the cubicle house, excellent build quality and reputation as being the leader in self-propelled cleaning and bedding machines.

- Alfred Hartley, Moneymore.



  • 3-in-1 – The BOBMAN bedding machines scrape the slats, sweep the stalls and spread an even layer of bedding all in only one pass!
  • Reduces the time taken to load and apply bedding to the stall beds
  • Reduces the time taken to clean out the stalls or the milking cubicles
  • Can help to reduce somatic cell count
  • Can help to prevent mastitis
  • The BOBMAN spreaders make regular cleaning and maintenance work easy.
  • Using the BOBMAN on a regular basis will improve hygiene in the cow housing, prevent diseases and maintain good health and well-being of the cows, leading to high volume and quality milk.
  • Time and labour saving
  • Save on the amount of bedding materials used
  • Clean and dry cow resting surface
  • Helps to maintain cow cleanliness and udder health


  • 500 L bunker capacity
  • Self-loading
  • Diesel engine with electric start
  • Comes with hydraulically operated brush and mechanically operated scraper
  • You can spread chopped straw, sawdust, lime or wood shavings
  • The quantity of bedding materials is manually adjustable
  • Requires minimum of space - a turning radius is only 1,8 meter!
  • Three-wheel drive
  • Extra tools and attachments are available
  • Can be used in stalls with robotic system


  • Disinfection spreader (10 L/15 kg)
  • Top boxincreases bunker capacity to 600 L
  • Extra mixerfor spreading chopped straw
  • Floating arm for adjusting brush when sweeping in stalls with different bedding height



Diesel HATZ


1 cylinder




3 WD

Bunker capacity

500 L

Spreading distance

up to 3 m



Fuel tank

5 L


8 km/h



1,3 m


2,4 m


1,0 m


550 kg


Scraper width

1,0 m

Brush diameter

0,8 m

Recommended straw lenght

max 5-6 cm




Disinfection box

10 L/15 kg

Top box

100 L

Weight block

33 kg



bobman logoJydeland A / S is a well-renowned family business based in Denmark, which for generations has supplied labor-saving machines such as the Bobman range for the agricultural industry worldwide. Over the years, they have been innovative and sought the best, most efficient and durable solutions. In 2018, Jydeland celebrated 110 years in business.


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